A bass player friend of mine, Jamie Ousley had emailed me to ask if I'd be interested in reviewing
the 'new girl singer on the block,'  Ecuadorian jazz songstress Valeria Proanao. I told him to send it along.
When it arrived, there was a little paste-on note on the disc from Valeria to me stating.......''I hope you'll enjoy it.'' I had no idea what compelling and animated musical joy I had in store for me. Here's a girl who has it all............A cogent vocal delivery, great phrasing, a solid albeit beautiful ''personal'' vibrato, and if I might interject as well........... a killer artistic instinct. This is a singer who deals in the mellow, the eloquent, and
all  the romantic vagaries of song to share with us her listeners. And we are inspired to a higher musical plane as it were as we listen to the creative imagination of this hands down utterly talented and craft-specific chanteuse. Mark my words!! It's onward and upward for one Valeria Proano, transcendant jazz singer for our time.
George W Carroll, The Musicians' Ombudsman  

...Proaño and crew end with "My Foolish Heart," clearly the defining piece of the album, with Proaño,in a superb performance, staking her claim for consideration as one of the finest young songbirds on the scene today.

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Retrato En Blanco Y Negro is not so much a Latin jazz album as it is an album of Latin and jazz music, packaged into one compelling and enchanting disc.

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